Everybody loves paydays. But sometimes, using an off the shelf application will make a routine task challenging to your paymasters. With Spark Payroll working in tandem with the Timesheet module of our HRIS, computing salary just takes a few clicks to complete. Basic components like employee information, compensation and benefits information, fully customizable deductions and tax tables, payroll register/journal, and report generation form an integrated package designed for better compliance due to strict audit controls, ease of use, and functional enhancements later on.

Spark Payroll. The system, we guarantee, everyone will love.


Payroll Activities

  • Calculating and paying wages, settlement of tax withholdings
  • Delivery of wage calculations and certificates to the employees
  • Compiling statistics for different authorities, and for the purposes of improving activities
  • Drawing up employment contracts
  • Providing regulatory reports to the tax agencies and insurance companies
  • Calculating annual holidays
  • Managing deductions for employee benefits

Well planned, modern payroll software provides the following benefits:

  • It considers collective labor agreements and employer-specific procedures and exceptions.
  • It considers collective labor agreements and employer-specific procedures and exceptions.
  • It automatically follows the legislated accounting and calculation rules in the calculation of annual holidays.
  • It manages the drawing up, posting, archiving and reporting of travel invoices.
  • When combined with work shift management software, it can utilize data concerning working hours, overtime, allowances, holidays and absences

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