Augmented Reality

You can simply experience this advanced technology through AReader which is downloadable through Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play Store.



Fast marker recognition time.
Digital contents on secure private domains and can be modified / deleted when promotion activities are updated.


Creates an innovative and new experience for the ever increasing market segment of customers with smart phones.
Highly accessible due to rapidly growing smartphone market in the country.

Types of Contents

Movies and Sounds.
Tracking Movies.
3D Computer Graphics.
Link to a Webpage.

Toppan AR Markers can be printed on

Promotional Brochures / Newsletters
Calendars / Envelopes / Greeting Cards
Magazines / Books / Annual Reports
Membership Cards / Billing Statements
Signboards / Posters / Cards
Product Packaging / Flexible Packaging

Just Scan using the AReader Mobile App!

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